Even More
276W x 275H
$8.50 USD
The design  
with the inset
charted with  
the butterfly
instead of the
word Kansas
278W x 330H

For those who love the sea, its creatures, its ambiance. This design can be stitched in one color
or any specific colors the stitcher selects
Nine Square Floral Sampler
224 x 225
$15 USD
Louisiana Sampler
397W x 386H

This sampler is a tribute to the resilience of Louisiana and its people.  
The border is fleur de lis and Louisiana Irises.
A in Two Colors
286W x 303H
$22 USD

The alphabet across
the bottom is NOT part
of the overall design. It
is provided for the
stitcher to change the
name shown in the
center and to put their
initials in the signature
Mary Stewart's Prayer Sampler
$22 USD
317 x 317
This Prayer seems just the ticket to help
people remember to be kinder to one
A Different Kind of Band Sampler
95W x 183H
$10 USD
Here Is My Heart
237 x 237
$12 USD
Model is stitched with the recommended
DMC colors over 2 on 28 count Lavender
Bliss Lugana by Nicole Gisvold.
Susan's Romance Sampler
247W x 246H
$15 USD
Meadow Necessaire
192W x 120H
$14 USD

This design can be made up into a 'project
wallet'  that holds scissors, threads and
needles.  It comes with finishing instructions
but is NOT a KIT.  It fits on a 9 x 12 inch cut if
stitched on a 32 count fabric. The model was
stitched on a purple Permin linen and uses 7
DMC flosses.
Folded and tied
with silk ribbon
First fold out
Completely unfolded

Needles in the left pocket and felts to place
Scissors tied into center pocket with silk
3 bone rings holding floss tucked into right
Benevolence Sampler
$14 USD
223W x 275H

Inspired by some real-life actions this new
design could be a valentine for a friend or
family member whose is always there for
you, for everyone. The gold parts are threads.
This design will fit in a
STANDARD 16 X 20 inch frame
when stitched on 32 count
Model stitched over 1 on 28 count
Opalescent Lugana with DMC 777 by
Rebecca Whitfield.
Deep in The Heart of Texas
100W x 96H

fIts into an  8" X 8" frame when
stitched on 28/14 fabric
In Memoriam Sampler
229W x 231H
$16 USD
Birth or Baptismal Sampler
196W x 216h
$18 USD

This design comes with 2
alphabets and a set of
numbers so you can chart out
the names and the 'vital
statistics'  can be placed
within the wreaths. It uses 3
colors of DMC floss.