One Alphabet, Many Flowers

The design area of this sampler It may be with
specific colors at the stitcher's choice.
$22 USD          377W x 365H
Tribute to The Old Masters
is 429 x 429 stitches.  It is comprised of many of the beautiful alphabets and frises created by the
French masters of centuries gone by.  
$25 USD
There are several places within
the design that can be used as
a signature medallion - the large
 circle motif or one of the   
diamond shapes can be used;  
A set of numbers is provided in
the design and there are any
number of alphabets that can be
used for the stitcher's initials.
Dans Le Jardin

An "all motifs" design:  Simple, yet elegant, ageless. This design may be stitched all in one color or in
specific colors as the stitcher chooses.

224w x 223h
$12 USD
Heather's WIP of Tribute in Vikki
OLD VC Name = New VC Name
Sea Cabbage = Pennywort 3447
Tree Moss = Zinc 5235
Dulse = Sea Wrack 3431
Cranberry = Bitter Bloom 4443
Verdigris = Marsh Grass 3349
Alaria = Sea Wrack 3433
Citrine = Umbrage 3463
Kookaburra = Bird Feathers
Bock = Cerveza 4145
Hazelwood = Zebra Dove 5243
Yellow Gold = Umbrage 3461
Chino = Quern Stones 5167
Chestnut = Fagales 4465
Letters and Lace Sampler
$10 USD    249W x 99H

A small and elegant sampler that incorporates
many of the features of the larger ones.
A maze ing Garden Sampler
$22.00 USD  276 x 276
May be stitched in monochrome, over-dyed threads or
in complimentary colors of the stitcher's choice.
Tribute II    $22 USD      333 x 333
This is a redesign and "down-sizing" of Tribute to the Old Masters. Many stitchers said how
they loved the chart but were overwhelmed by its size (429 x 429)- so now you have many of
the features of Tribute to the Old Masters but also new elements that make it unique.
Berries n Cherries Sampler   363W x 361H   $22.00  USD
Dans Le Jardin stitched
by Mistylynn in Vikki  
Clayton's Winterberry
Model Stitched on 28 count Cream Cashel over 1 with Waterlilies Sunset silk floss by Jeanne Hammell.
Model stitched in recommended DMC threads on
28 count Mushroom Lugana over 1 by Judy Patrick.
model stitched by Stefanie Gipperich on 28 ct Ice
Blue lugana over 2  with Vikki Clayton's hand dyed
silk in  Mermaid Blue 2329 and Blueberry Soup.
Tribute II model stitched over 2 on 32 count
Star Sapphire Jobelan with DMC 3768 by
Leah Truesdell.

The photo does not do the combination of
the fabric and floss justice. It has a
wonderful soft teal cast.
Tribute II stitched by Somayya in Carrie's
Creations Wildfire.
Model stitched over 2 on 36 count Flax
Edinburgh linen with Caron's Soie Cristale
6013 silk.