Stitched Samplers and WIPs
Rosalie's Sampler
- stitched in Vikki Clayton's Embers
Robin L's Sampler
Irene F sampler  in Vikki
Clayton's Dragon's Blood silk.
Pam N's Sampler
40 ct lambswool and Vikki Clayton's
Willow Withies silk   8/06/08
Tracey's Sampler
28 count Platinum Cashel with Vikki
Clayton's Midnight Rainbow silk    
Gail's Sampler - finished and framed!
Clayton Silks Sea Wrack 3433, Black Cherry,
Plum, Kat's Meow, Huckleberry, and
Primordial Ooze  
Suzanne H Sampler
June 2008
Laurie J Sampler -  anchor black on Summer
Khaki lugana 2/03/2008
Elise G -  each child selected the
color of floss for the alphabet with
their name - how fun!!!
Jacqui G stitching with
DMC 815
Completed Samplers
Patsy A  - on Forget Me Not 28 count
even weave with Vikki Clayton's  'Yonder
Sky' silks  11/23/2008
Chris W Sampler completed and framed
Sue M  1/25/2009
Denise C - stitching in
DMC 3051 and 3052 on
Silkweaver's hand dyed
Aida called Days Gone By
in 18 count Aida . This is a
're-start' as Denise decided
to change fabric. 6/1/08
Carole A
Stitching on 32 count Raw linen with Vikki
Clayton's Wet Ashes
Jodi B
stitching in Carrie's Threads in Rosewood.
Angie S   4/30/2008
32 ct parchment Lugana, and Gentle Arts'
Simply Shaker Weathered Barn
Deb B
Marilyn M  6 10 2008
stitched on 32 ct. Ivory Lugana with
WDW's Purple Haze. Begun May 31
st 2008 completed Dec 8 2008. Her
DH made the frame!
Pam C  6 10 2008
Cynthia Sampler 8/6/2008
Anne C Sampler
stitched on cream Cashel with Vikki
Clayton silk in Mooncreep
Jaunice's gift to her boss honoring his
Morman faith.
Angel D
Mary I  - 3/31/2010
Becky G -  Fabric is Lakeside Linen 40 count
Maritime White, stitched with Caron
Waterlilies 068 Mediterranean. Black was
from a multi-colored sample from Vikki
Clayton. Silver is Kreinik #4 braid #001
Sylvia D -
Lisa B