Word Trees: General,
Goodies, Cats: Dogs
Savior Word Tree
51W x86H
$6.00 USD
Santa Word Tree
51W x 86H
$6.00 USD
Retired Word Tree
43W x 98H
$6 USD
Wrestler Tree
45W x 112H
$6 USD
Birthday Tree
50W x 108H
$6 USD    Tree
says' Birthday' and
the date is
inserted. Stitch it
and put it on the
back of the name
tree for that
special someone.  
Comes with a full
set of numbers.
Goodies Trees
Chocolate Tree
43W x 109H
$6 USD
Cookies Tree
43W x 99H
$6 USD
Ice Cream Tree
43W x 111H
$6 USD
Peeps Tree
43W x 94H
$6 USD
Luck Tree
45W x93H
$6.00 USD
Erin Go Bragh
43W x 128H
$6.00 USD
Irish Tree
43W x98H
$6.00 USD
Welcome Tree
43 W x 100H
$6.00 USD
Aloha Tree
43W x 98H
$6.00 USD
Dachshund  Tree
43W x 108H
$6 USD
Collie Tree
43W x 97H
$6 USD
Cavalier Tree
43W x 108H
$6 USD
Cairn Tree
43W x 96H
$6 USD
Boxer Tree
43W x 84H
$6 USD
Beagle Tree
43W x 98H
$6 USD
43W x 93H
$6 USD
45W x 95H
$6 USD
52W x 106H
$6 USD
54W x 98H
$6 USD
Candy Cane Tree
43W x 118H
$6 USD
Survivor Tree
43W x 108H
$6 USD
Although it is coded for
"Breast Cancer" in pink,
this tree can be stitched in
2 shades of any color of
the various Awareness
ribbons, e.g., Lavender = all
cancers; peach = Uterine
cancer, etc.
Love Tree
45W x 98H

The model was stitched over 2 on 28 count
Honeysuckle Pink Jobelan.
Beach Tree
52W x 93H
$6.00 USD