How this business came to be
When I first was introduced to the "Alphabets Anciens" from the Maison
Sajou, Alexandre, Boucicaut and others I fell head-over-heels,
irretrievably in love -  and I will never be the same again.  I created
samplers for myself and for family and friends and couldn't get enough of
it.  So one day I volunteered to create a personalized French alphabet
sampler for a lovely lady I met in cyberspace.  She was so pleased she
paid me for the design - and I haven't looked back since.  I began
designing what I call "standard" designs after several folks who saw my
personalized samplers asked for something like that.  And that is how
Nouveau Encore Designs came to be.  It means "New Again" Designs - as
in "that which was old is new again".  More properly, the French would
say Encore Nouveau - but since I am not French and am only an admirer
of the language, the style and the art, I chose to use the more American
About Us
About Us