Holiday and
Occasion  Trees
Holiday and Occasion Trees
Easter Tree
45W x98H
$12 USD
48W x 128H
$12 USD
Mardi Gras
50W x 112H
$12 USD
Risen Tree
49W x 97H
$12 USD
51W x 100H
$12 USD
Bride and Groom Trees
Bride Tree with wedding date
$9 USD
43 W x 94H
Groom Tree with wedding date
$9 USD
43W x 94H
July 4th Tree
43W x 97H
$12 USD
Mother's Day Tree
48W x 92H
$12 USD
Father's Day Tree
47W x 94H
$12 USD
School Days Tree
48W x 103H
$12 USD
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$6.00 USD  
Tree says' Birthday' and the date is inserted.
Stitch it and put it on the back of the name tree for that special someone.  
Comes with the set of numbers. The
chart will be emailed to the
address reported by Paypal
. If you would like the chart mailed in
hardcopy please contact me for shipping.
Graduate Tree
comes with both
boy & girl
image included
52W x 104H
$12 USD
Christmas Tree
43W x 100H
$12 USD
Valentine Tree
54W x 115H
*New Tree
Remember those wonderful yellow marshmallow Peeps you only got at Easter - See the new Peeps Tree under Word
See the
new Irish,
Luck and
Erin Go
trees on
the word
Tree page
Thanksgiving Tree
53W x 132H
$12.00 USD