ABC Deja Vu
May be stitched in a single color, in overdyed floss or select specific colors
at the stitcher's choice
273W x 279H   $22 USD
Frises & Alphabets
397W x 373H    $22 USD
Francophile - look for the french phrases and the old masters names
425W x 425H   $22 USD
Frises & Alphabets - Redesigned with a new larger and more floral
primary alphabet               
  377W x 375H  $22 USD
The Days of
Knights and

A Renfaire
The bi-color border
should be stitched in
the 2 colors of the
stitcher's choice. The
balance of the design
may be stitched as the
stitcher chooses. Using
one of the border colors
is recommended.

443W x 443H
$22 USD
Crescendo - Begins with the smallest, then small, then ever-increasing in size
letters of the old masters to the largest - ergo its name "Crescendo". Completed
with a gorgeous Sajou frise.  400W x 400H   $22 USD
Stitched by Somayya in
Vikki Clayton's Dark
Wisteria silk
The Stitcher's Sampler
$12 USD
This design is smaller than my usual
samplers; many customers inquired about a
design that was not so much of a "huge"
project - so this one is "down-sized".  222W
x 222H

It carries the symbols of friendship - baskets
of  flowers.  The pansies stand for "thinking
of you" and "good thoughts".  The roses,
"love and beauty"; and the hearts - for our
passion for stitching and our love and
concern for one another.  A small bee
appears for "hope" and the
"industriousness" of stitchers and a butterfly
representing "new beginnings" - both each
new project and the new friendships we
make along the way.
The Stitcher's Sampler  model is done over 2 in Vikki Clayton's French Artichoke on Silkweaver's 36 count Classic Antique Mauve
hand-dyed linen. The photo doesn't let you see how lovely the mauve and green fiber colors are and how beautifully the linen
enhances the fiber colors.  Unfortunately, the floss has been discontinued :^(
157w x 158H
$12 USD

This design is
approximately 11.25
inches square
stitched on 14/28
count fabric and
makes a nice
sampler or pillow
Southwest Sampler
269 x 269
$18.00 USD

Stitcher's choice of colors - except for the Texas  Bluebonnets - this sampler carries symbols of
the southwest;  the Scissor-tailed flycatcher of Oklahoma, the Yellow rose of Texas,
long-horned cattle, bulls, horses, mining in Arizona, the Yucca and Zia sun of New Mexico,
guns, deer hunting, fishing, bronco riding, and the Native American influences to this region.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles (or
225 x 225
$16 USD

Makes a great sampler or pillow top for a
boys room -  Classic yet suitable.
Personalized with the child's name.
When purchasing please advise your shopowner if you want
'Trucks' or 'Automobiles' and the name you want on the design
ABC Deja Vu model
stitched over 2 on 36
count  Silkweaver
Peri-Berri with Vikki
Clayton  Pennywort
regular silk.
model stitched over 2
in the recommended
fibers on 40 count
Natural linen
How Do You Say Sajou in Spanish?
439W x 416H
$25 USD        

The "spanish" sampler influence of this
design is what gave it the name.    It is shown
in red and black as well as blue and green
and black and gold .  A black and silver
combination would also be stunning
especially if the gold and silver were done in
metallics like DMC LIght Effects or Kreinik or
Rainbow Gallery braids.                       
The designer's initials can be placed in
the center as shown or omitted
If you would like to have
your initials created to fit the
center that can be done for an
additional charge.
. if requesting the
signature  personalization please
advise your shopkeeper so the chart is
customized for you.
Joan W took the Stitcher's Sampler and
made it into a Wedding Sampler!  Didn't she
do a fabulous job!!!
Frises & Alphabets model stitched  by  Rebecca Whitfield
over 1 on 32 count Natural raw Belfast linen with a Vikki
Clayton custom dye of  HDF Alluvium 3401/Mauve 1441