Wedding or Anniversary  
Heartfelt Wedding Wishes Sampler
149 x 149     $28 USD
This sampler is to be stitched in 2 colors. The
background or "underlay" is recommended to be
a light color such as white or cream. The overlay
then is a more vibrant color. It is recommended
that the overlay be stitched in the bride's primary
The background carries the
words:  marriage, bride,
groom, wed, family, love,
hope and the phrase "your
wedding day" mixed in
randomly among letters.
The overlay then places the grooms
first initial by the word groom and the
bride's by bride.  The wedding date is
laid over the phrase your wedding
date.  Motifs carrying meanings of  
love,  joyousness, peace, hope, new
beginnings, fidelity, loyalty, fertility,
health, wealth and happiness are
contained in the overlay.  The couple's
 last name initial is placed in the
center (and if she intends to keep her
name that can be accommodated too)
And it all comes together like this -and you stitch it as one complete
chart in 2 colors
Turquoise blue over white
Medium Gray Green over white

Bride's first name  initial
Groom's first name initial
Date of Wedding
New last name initial - if the
Bride is keeping her last name
provide that info and initial as
French Style Wedding Sampler
199W x 196H
$25 USD

With ribbons signifying a secret beau, butterflies for new
beginnings,  and hearts for love, bells for joy, symbols of
fruitfulness, loyalty, fidelity,  togetherness, etc this sampler is
personalized with the date of the wedding, the last name initial
and the bride & groom's first name initials.  I will also need a
single stitcher's initial for the signature medallion.

To purchase either of these custom charts (above or below)  email me at
If you would like one of the anniversary
versions please specify which one  A or B
and supply the additional required
Version A with both wedding date
and anniversary date
Version B with the wedding date only but
the year of the anniversary, e.g., 25th, 30th,
50th, etc.