What's New ?
Anniversary Name Tree Sampler
design area 108W x 112H

This 'custom'  Name Tree was created as an Anniversary Sampler.  It carries the
family name and the children's names and the couple and their anniversary date to
the side.  Notice the large heart at the top and the 3 smaller hearts following for the
family's children.  Email me at stephanie @ nouveauencore.com  if you would like
to arrange a customized design.
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What's New?????
Sandy's Casket Pieces
$20 USD

This design includes 3 charts for a thread casket with openings of 4" x 6" for the top; 2 x 6
inches for the front & back; and 2 x 4 inches for each of the sides.  The design is for 36
count fabric in order to give it the delicate look and to fit the openings.  It comes with a full
alphabet for the initial.
Here is the top panel completed by Sandy in assorted Vikki Clayton
Hand-dyed silks.  She changed the colors to suit her needs and  the small
HDF Lilac Mist berries show up much better in real life than in this photo.
212W x 212H
$ 14.00
If you would like to see more views please visit Larry's  blog at

or if you would like to order the casket from Larry please email him
at  larsan@rgv.rr.com
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Planes Trains and Automobiles  OR
Planes Trains and Trucks

$16 USD
225 x 225

Customized with child's name

or you can purchase the standard  
design without the name  and use  any
of the 3 included alphabets to add the
vital statistics.
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God's Garden Sampler
291W x 281H
$12 USD
One & One Valentine Sampler
132W x 127H   
Quick Stitches
Quick Stitches are small charts that can be completed in a short period of time and made into ornaments
or wall hanging or whatever you like
Della Robbia Wreath
59 x 59
Small Flower Sampler
74W x 76H
Come Down to the Sea
106W x 62H
Genie's Kitchen Sampler
218 x 218

In memory of Genie Heldt, a cyberfriend from
the  123stitch message board