Please contact me either through the Contact Us page of this
website or directly at stephanie @ nouveauencore.com with
any questions you would like to discuss in further detail
Generally speaking, wholesale pricing is 50% of
retail list with a minimum order quantity of 5 from
either group, i.e.,  5 standard samplers or 5
standard tree designs.  You may order 5 of a
given chart or 1 each of 5 different charts or any
combination thereof.

Personalized samplers require that I work directly
with the customer. For this reason, they are not
available on a wholesale basis.

I will need your name and shop name, mailing
address and website if you have one along with
your  retail sales tax number to fill your order as
a wholesale customer.
Some general information for wholesale
We have 2 Sampler Trunk Shows and a tree
Show. Please contact me if you are interested
in having the models in your shop.
Name Trees in the Library - Updated Apl 19 2012