Personalized Samplers
These samplers are examples of the many personalized designs I have created.
The base price of a personalized sampler is
$75. For that you get 4 names (first or
surname)or sets of initials, a  large "central"
initial,  standard border of your choice, a
selection of 6 existing motifs and a signature

I have many customers who add names, like
maiden names or mother's names, etc. for
family history or because they have a larger

There are symbols that have traditional
meanings - bees for hope and
industriousness, flowers for love of nature,
hearts for love, crowns for loyalty, crowned
hearts for everlasting love, etc.   You don't
have to worry about that. I do the designing -
you tell me your story and what you want to
These samplers are composed mostly
of 100 - 200+ year old ancient French
Masters letters which are now
copyright free.  I also use ancient
motifs where possible but if not I will
create motifs.  For example, in one
sampler the son is  photographer and
so we used a camera for the design -
clearly a digital camera did not exist
100-200 years ago.
As for alphabets - they vary widely.   
 I ask my customers to identify the 1
or 2 alphabets they like the most
and then I do the rest of the
selections since I need to control
the design process for sizing etc.  
Donna's Sampler
has as its primary focus
her and her husband's
love of sailing. Can you
places they love to sail?
places they love to sail?
And of course her love of  
stitching - how could you
leave that off of a custom
designed sampler??
Chris B's Sampler
Tracey's Sampler
Carole's A's Sampler    Carole
collects antiques and loves to travel so you
see that depicted in her sampler.
Angie's Sampler
Yvonne's Sampler  Yvonne did not want her family's
names hidden in the sampler so I found another way to
represent the family
Amanda M
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June's Sampler
Pam N Sampler
Pam is of
Polish and
descent so her
sampler carries
those emblems.
Kathy K
across the
bottom are
provided to
fill in the
date in the
Catherine C Sampler
Wedding dates and
birthdays are represented
along with dates that are
important to the  customer.
Maps of countries that  
people have visited or
lived in, along with US
states and symbols of
those places, are often
Erynne C

chose to create a
border by
combining the
Maple leaf corner
with a  scalloped
edge. She
collects Hosta
plants and has a
blended family so
we made a trees.
on the
WIP page.
See Tracey's
stitching on
the WIPs page
N's progress on the WIPs page.

yes, those
are cuffs!  
Don't mess
with this
lady - she
can handle
Notice the similarity in the borders of these 2 designs. - but they are not the same and these samplers look nothing alike.  
Angel D Custom Sampler
this design
celebrates a  
career at 4
major bases,
4 daughters
and being
the 'queen'
of her castle.
Pat B Sampler
the roses in the
border represent
the state of New
York and have
been joined by
the state flowers
of 3 other states
in which this family
has lived.
A simple
border and
a theme that
Tell me how to go about creating a
personalized sampler?